About this site

I provide a free XMPP service at, it's also available as an onion service. The in-band registration is currently deactivated due to spam. But you may use the web-client at to create a new user account at After creation you may use a regular xmpp client, like Gajim or Conversations, with your credentials to connect to the XMPP network. I try to keep the software up to date and implement current recommendations, so the service will work like you'd expect it from a modern messaging solution.

The service is supplied by ejabberd. I try to minimize the amount of logging and saving of user information as much as possible and opted for log level 3, so only errors or warnings show up in the logs. There won't be any traces of which client connected to which server in my logs. This also means that regular logins or the sending of messages will never be logged. On top of that, I set hide_sensitive_log_data: true, so ejabberd will never write IP addresses or other sensitive data into the log file.

If you've got further questions or just want to chat a bit, feel free to write me an xmpp message:

The onion service is running on port 5222: otm5car7fa4u3m3u.onion

Which data will be saved?

Which data will explicitly not be saved?

What happens if I delete my account?

Help, I lost my password! Can you send me a new one?

Short answer: I can't help you, please use a password manager like KeePass next time.

Your password is being saved in the database with the help of a cryptographic hash function, it is not saved in cleartext and therefore even I can't extract it from the database. A safe method for resetting a password is not exactly easy to implement because you would always need to rely on a second factor (SMS, OTP, smartcard, ...) to make sure you are the legimitate person. This would need special infrastructure which I'm currently not able and/or willing to provide.